Ordained Christian minister, author, business owner

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National Association of Christian Ministers, Latitude Design and Construction


(404) 987-1243


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Samantha Harrell has been writing about the great love of our Lord Jesus since she was thirty, when she began accumulating stories about her experiences with Him. Her aunt told her then that the Lord said to write down all the miraculous things she was experiencing-dreams, visions, and angelic encounters. So in 2014, she started a blog titled, “Under God’s Wings,” which eventually became the inspiration for her first book. She began compiling that book in 2018 when another friend shared, “The Lord says, ‘It’s time to write.'” Samantha loves Jesus, her family, and babies-including those still enjoying the safety of the womb. She advocates for the humanization and protection of life at all stages, praying and anticipating the end of abortion in our nation and serving on the Board of Directors at Bartow Family Resources. Samantha is an ordained Christian minister, a self-published author, and co-owner of Latitude Design and Construction. She lives in Cartersville, Georgia, with her husband, Nicholas, their five children, and Honey the Golden Retriever.

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