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Nice of you stop by on my website! Let’s get to know me! I am 20 years old and I am a motivational speaker for Christ who also creates lifestyle faith based content on all social platforms. I decided to further my faith and relationship with God by walking out on plain faith and decided to take the path of not attending college after High School and becoming an entrepreneur and further my calling in ministry.

My mission and purpose is to help motivate, educate, and be a friend to many seeking to grow in their faith and find their own personal relationship with God. I am wanting to become a motivational/spiritual speaker for Christ, I want to be an advocate for people to find, hope, faith, love and most importantly finding their identity in Christ in this crazy world.

I love content creation where I can be most creative and authentic self doing vlogs, makeup, reviews, and most importantly sharing my love for Christ!

I have an amazing family with my parents Jodi and Darnell and my brother Cairo! I am very extroverted and love having conversations with others!

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