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CAJ Legacy Group


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Darnell and Jodi Jackson started Jackson Park during the pandemic, we both quit our
jobs and stepped out on faith to grow our business and help our community members. Not
only do we provide a multitude of services but we also pride ourselves on helping to educate
and help our community members on financial literacy with our E-books and our private events
to teach credit, business setups, and funding.
From volunteering at FCA events for all our local schools, doing back-to-school events to
bless our local community, and multiple private outreach endeavors our family hearts have
been for the Bartow Community for over 20 years. Our kids also have worked in our businesses
and stepped out to create their paths with private car rentals, and podcasting and our daughter
is now continuing outreach with FCA and speaking at local schools to encourage students.
Our 2,500 sq ft facility that we designed and built from scratch in a one-stop shop in
Bartow that can handle anything from, graphics, recording, podcasting, and custom woodwork to
private gatherings.

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K-12 Schools, Colleges, Adults