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Joshua Kornitsky, a trained Professional EOS Implementer and fourth-generation entrepreneur, stands as an accomplished expert at the crossroads of technology, business, and organizational development.

Joshua’s professional journey was born in his family’s car business, but he soon leveraged his inherent knack for technology, transforming into an over 20-year-long successful career spanning IT, Technology Sales, Software Design, and Training. His innovative approach was evident at Group 1 Automotive, where, as Director of IT, he instigated technological improvements for over 600 employees. Later at decision:DIGITAL, Joshua assumed CTO-level responsibilities, developing growth strategies that led to a remarkable 25% increase in new business sales.

His leadership skills were further honed at FRONTLINE Selling, where Joshua coordinated a major technological migration, transitioning from an established platform to a successful, standalone web application. This integration of diverse technologies resulted in a noteworthy 30% improvement in cross-departmental efficiencies.
Post-FRONTLINE, Joshua co-founded SymTrain, a simulation-based training company. As a key contributor, he oversaw the design and construction of a unique web-based simulation training platform, and also crafted the curriculum. This groundbreaking system provided simulated work environments and a complex AI-based system for verbal role play, showcasing features like keyword recognition, emotional tone analysis, and scoring. Interestingly, SymTrain was operated on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

Joshua discovered EOS in 2015, a system that deeply resonated with his entrepreneurial spirit. Implementing EOS in his business ventures, he experienced its transformative power firsthand. After parting ways with SymTrain in 2022, Joshua chose to devote his career to empowering other businesses, becoming a Professional EOS Implementer.

Today, he harnesses his technological expertise, entrepreneurial lineage, and coaching passion to steer businesses towards their objectives. Employing EOS, Joshua assists businesses in understanding and executing critical operational components, such as forming a clear vision, cultivating a strong team, resolving problems efficiently, refining processes, and gaining traction.

An engaging public speaker, Joshua disseminates insights about EOS and its potential to revolutionize business operations. His mission, be it on stage or in a boardroom, is to lead businesses towards strategic alignment and enhanced operational effectiveness. Joshua’s continuous pursuit of innovative solutions keeps him at the forefront of technology and entrepreneurial coaching.

From influencing the tech sphere to charting his own entrepreneurial journey, and now directing other businesses towards their goals, Joshua’s potent blend of tech savvy, business acumen, and a talent for empowering others is a testament to his unwavering commitment to making a substantial impact in the business world.

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