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Mick Hager has years of experience working with organizations from “mom and pops” to Fortune 100 companies. He has created and delivered powerful tools that make organizations more productive and efficient. As a business pro, he knows the challenges people face on the job and how to overcome them.

Mick has truly “been there and done that” as a transformative agent, business adviser, trainer, facilitator, and problem solver to 200+ organizations, 25k participants. His business experience, background and straight-forward approach allows him to work extremely well with any size organization.

Mick has a breadth of experience, sense of humor, genuineness, and sincerity that audiences love as he gets up close and personal. He’s served many Fortune 1000 companies along with smaller organizations on the road to becoming bigger and better. Organizations from Air Wisconsin (United), Georgia Pacific, Gulfstream Aerospace, International Paper, Kimberly Clark, Sonoco, Spectrum, Wisconsin Energy to YMCA, all attest to his ability to “speak” their language.

Mick is a speaker/author/consultant/transformer recognized as expert by the media and business press. Leading publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine and specialty publications such as Security Management have called upon Mick for commentary and articles. Newspapers have carried his weekly business column for several years (Gannett).

Mick goes well beyond customization to being on-site in the trenches, showing up early and learning the issues. Mick stays for questions after, never sells anything from the keynote platform except high energy and excitement. Handouts and visuals are always top-notch. Mick ALWAYS stays within time limits!

Mick offers meeting and event planners more program flexibility and choice. His range of expertise and experience, presentation topics and formats allow for more choices and flexibility, so your needs are sure to be met. Mick is equally effective as a keynoter, workshop leader, coach, facilitator, or trainer. A true professional that goes above and beyond!

Mick Hager has an MBA—Finance/Operations Management, MS—Risk Control/Safety Engineering, BS—Vocational Rehabilitation/Business.

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