Chief Executive Officer / Executive Coach

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LEDCO Entertainment & Consulting Co


(404) 290-0619


Speaker Biography
Recipient of the “Cartersville-Bartow Chamber Impact Award” and “GHC’s Excellence in Leadership Award”, Mecole Ledbetter has proven to be an impactful keynote speaker with a concentration in Motivational, Talent Development, and Leadership Development topics. Mecole earned her Masters of Education from Georgia Southern University, her Bachelors of Business Management & Entrepreneurship from Kennesaw State University, and her Associates of Science in Business Administration from Georgia Highlands College. Along with a 10-year career in Higher Education, Mecole’s career expands across various industries to include Banking, Healthcare, Logistics and Supply Chain/Manufacturing, Corporate Financial Services, and Transportation/Freight Movement. Mecole delivers a wide variety of high-impactful keynote presentations that challenge audiences to leverage their cognitive abilities and transform the way they view everyday topics; highlighting critical points and leaving audiences with “light bulb” takeaways that are applicable to personal and professional growth and development. Her audience includes business leaders and executives, diverse employee groups of various ranks, K-12 partners and students, college students, women’s groups, couples, individuals, and more.

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LEDCO Entertainment and Consulting

What is your business-related area of expertise?
* Customer Service
* Diversity & Inclusion
* Leadership
* Motivational
* Professional/Personal Development

What groups are you willing to speak to? Check all that apply.
* K-12 Schools
* Colleges
* Adults