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Students K-12: Joseph wants students to know the basics of finance and the limitless opportunities to earn a living in the open marketplace. Exposure to the career options available and knowledge of different jobs is crucial to the life-changing choices young adults make when choosing a college, major, and career path. Joseph can speak expertly on bank accounts, credit scores, mortgages, retirement accounts, and investing and he does it in a way that is easy to understand.

Adults: Joseph is a natural saver, but understands that not everyone else is. Joseph speaks to the importance of saving for retirement, the benefits of investing and compound interest, and the need to align your investments with your risk tolerance. Joseph can help individuals and businesses plan for success in their working journey towards and through retirement.

Joseph Thompson is excited that he is able to turn his personal passion for budgeting, saving, and investing into a professional one as a financial planner. Building upon nearly 20 years of corporate tax experience, where he implemented planning strategies and negotiated with auditors to save millions of tax dollars, Joseph is now helping friends and neighbors plan for their future financial needs. At Wealth E&P, he guides clients through 401ks, IRAs, annuities, and everything else to achieve the best retirement possible.

Joseph grew up in Cartersville and then attended the University of Georgia, earning a Master’s degree in Accounting. He met his wife, Jessica, in Atlanta and they moved back to Cartersville in 2013 to raise their three children in the same church, schools, and community that helped to shape his values. Joseph volunteers on the board of Cartersville Little League where his sons, Luke and Jake, play baseball. His daughter Allie Beth is a cheerleader, dancer and gymnast.

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