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Dr. Green is a licensed clinical psychologist and registered yoga teacher with 25 years of experience in the mental health field. She is the owner of her own private practice, Resilience and Psychological Fitness Center and she is licensed to practice psychology in the states of Georgia and Hawaii. She has primarily worked in the subfields of school psychology, military psychology, and forensic psychology. Currently, her work focuses on brain health, healthy aging, and dementia family caregiver support. Dr. Green has developed and delivered custom presentations and training to churches, civic organizations, and corporations. She has been invited to speak on multiple podcasts to discuss various wellness and mental health topics.

Dr. Green loves to travel, and her profession has afforded her many amazing opportunities to do so. She has lived and worked in Washington, DC, Virginia, Georgia, Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands. One of the most exciting opportunities in her career was serving on the medical team as one of the psychologists for the Semester at Sea study abroad program in 2014. For three and a half months she lived on a ship and traveled to 15 countries while providing counseling to the faculty and students aboard the ship. Dr. Green is the Chair of the Board of Directors of The Confess Project of Metro Atlanta, an organization that trains barbers to be mental health advocates, with the goal of educating Black men about mental health.

Dr. Green is a native of Cartersville, GA, however, she has lived most of her adult life outside of Georgia. She considers herself to be a “global citizen,” who is eager to explore and connect with people around the world. Traveling to 30 countries has helped her learn about other people’s perspectives on life. Her global experiences have profoundly shaped her personal beliefs and professional practices as a psychologist and helped her serve her clients with more cultural humility, compassion and empathy.

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